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Welcome to ASG! We're going to begin things with a promo round. Tell everyone about what we're doing here! You can approach this however you want, just be sure to link back to our Dreamwidth or our Tumblr.

Take this opportunity to spread the word, build up your team, and earn some points! Comment with a link to your promo and you'll earn five points per website, up to a maximum of 25 points. The links must be publicly viewable for the mods to confirm the validity of your entry. Since teams are not yet confirmed, the points will go to whichever team that person is a member of when the Main Round 1 prompt is released.

Bonus Rounds are optional and open to everyone!
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Again, this is mostly taken from the HSO and HSWC.

Before we begin: you MUST have a Dreamwidth account to participate in the ASG. They're free.


Voting is very simple. Voting will open after each round closes, and voting posts will be opened on the DW comm. On those posts, any registered member of any team will be allowed to vote. Each person may cast one vote for three teams.

The only rule for voting is: DO NOT vote for your own team. If you do, your vote will be invalidated and your team will lose five points.


Because this event is open to fans of a wide variety of ages and backgrounds, we want to make sure that ASG is a safe and accessible place for all. As such, all entries to main and collab rounds are to be posted under a cut. Before that cut, however, participants will be asked to fill out the following info block:
TITLE: --The title of the work--

SHIP: --The name of your team's ship--

RATING: --A rating for the work, from G, T, M, or E--

CHARACTERS: --Characters that appear in the work--

SIDE PAIRINGS: --Other ships that appear in the work--

MAJOR TAGS: --Here you will list any of the Major Content Tags that apply to your work. If none apply, state NONE. If you do not wish to tag certain elements of the work to keep from spoiling your work, you must put the phrase TAGS OMITTED in this section.--

ADDITIONAL TAGS: --If your work contains other elements you feel should be noted, feel free to list them here. You may also use additional tags to help summarize your work or entice readers. As with Major Tags above, you can choose to say TAGS OMITTED or NONE.--

SUMMARY: --A brief summary of the work.--

G: General Audiences - "This content is suitable for anyone: kids, teenagers, sensitive people."
T: Teen And Up Audiences - "The content may be inappropriate for audiences under 13."
M: Mature - "This is for content with adult themes (sex, violence, etc.) that isn't as graphic as explicit-rated content."
E: Explicit - "This is for porn, graphic violence, etc."

Major Content Tags
Body horror
Bodily fluids/functions
Eating disorders
Graphic depictions of violence
Rapidly flashing images
Self harm
Sexual assault
Sexual content


If you've never experienced wank, consider yourself lucky. For those unfamiliar with the term, wank is a special type of fandom drama bred from intentionally inflammatory or nasty remarks.

Obviously, we want to avoid that, so we have implemented a strict Anti-Wank Policy.

Wank: How to Avoid it

It can happen to any of us: we're chillin' and suddenly boom! there's a comment that just rubs you the wrong way.

First off, take a breath and relax. We can all get overexcited and say things we don't mean or read things wrongly. Is your reaction to such-and-such comment a valid concern or are you in a mood where everything is just hitting you wrong? While we doubt that any of you will type out a rash response and get into a flame war, we also know that it can happen.

If you've taken a mental (or even physical) step back and the comment/whatever is still annoying you, this is your easy 3-step process.
Do NOT under any circumstances reply to it or make a snide remark somewhere or anything of the sort. The mods do not appreciate or condone this and we don't need anyone to fight anyone else's (or even their own!) battles here. We understand that this can be a passionate subject and nobody likes to see their ship/whatever being bashed, which is good! Neither do we. But the best thing you can do is ignore the comment and move onto step 2.

Inform your Director and, if necessary, a mod. You can contact your Director by whichever means they have given you, and they will contact the mods on your behalf. If after 24 hours you haven't gotten confirmation that a higher-up is looking into the situation, please contact the mod team directly through the mod contact post.

Go back to chillin'. You have done your duty and the wanker will be taken care of. We don't want you involving yourself in wank that could get you banned! (And trust us, if you do not follow these steps and take it upon yourself to show someone who is boss or go past anything but friendly/fun discussion you will suddenly find yourself at Strike One.)

An Important Note on Trash-Talking

For our peace of mind, we would like to suggest that trash-talking, especially trash-talking directed at specific people and teams, be primarily confined to private spaces like chats. The internet is extremely public, and folks who don't know the people involved in banter can often interpret things wrongly. This will not be monitored or penalized except in the following cases:
Any threats of violence against specific people, ships, or teams, even jokingly (and we don't expect anyone to be even a little bit serious about this topic), will land the person who made the threat at Strike One no matter where these sentiments are expressed. If we see it, it's too public.

Absolutely no trash-talking directed at a specific person or team at all will be tolerated on any posts on the official ASG comm. Acceptable threats include "We're the best team and we're gonna take you all down!" but not "Team XYZ is gonna eat our dust!" or "Team XYZ destroys the rainforest and eats babies in their spare time!" Even if your joking tone is visible from outer space and you have a signed affidavit from all parties that states nobody is serious. If you talk like this anywhere on the official ASG comm, the thread will be frozen and you will find yourself at Strike One.

Wank: A Punishment

We all know that despite all the best intentions and warnings, etc., stuff does happen and so does wank. So our 3-strike system is detailed below. We will usually try to talk privately with the involved parties beforehand, but if a person is not listening/back-sassing/refusing to take it to a more private place to be dealt with by the mods, then this is what happens.
STRIKE ONE: WARNING. The thread/comment will be deleted. The wanker will be given one warning by the mods to stop their behaviour. The incident will also be noted by the mod team.

STRIKE TWO: PROBATION. If the wanker persists past the warning, all their points from the current bonus round will be struck from the record and they will not be allowed to participate further in that bonus round. In addition, they will not be allowed to submit content for the main round that is open at the time, nor will they be allowed to participate in any voting for one week.

STRIKE THREE: PERMANENT BAN. If the wanker keeps persisting after the one week ban, they are full out banned. No more warnings, chances or anything of the sort.

All in all, avoiding wank is an easy and painless process—just remember that everyone participating in this event is a real person, not just a screen name and an icon. Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Be happy, have fun, be willing to listen to someone else's POV, and above all else remember that this is not a fight to the death.


Some posts demand to be commented upon. They incite thoughts, ideas, emotions, FEELS, and all sorts of things that demand to be said. There is, however, a time and place for everything, so you should make sure to abide by the following rules and guidelines about commenting on posts.

Important Announcement
DO read all of these. They're a major way for the mods to keep you abreast of new developments.

The sort of comments allowed on these will probably vary, so just use your head and play nice.

Voting Posts
These posts will be comment locked. If we somehow forget to lock the post when making it, send a mod a message and they will take care of it.

Standings Announcements
DO feel free to announce your pleasure at how well you placed!

DO congratulate or console others if you feel so inclined.

DON'T attack other teams, whether it be for scoring well or for scoring poorly.

End of ASG Party Post
DO congratulate the winning teams! They worked hard and so did you!

DO post your thoughts and good memories about HSWC as a whole!

FEEL FREE to offer vague, non-violent boasts such as "You may have won this time, but we'll be back!"

Main Round Prompts
DO post your questions about the prompts on these posts. Chances are, someone else may have the same question.

THINK before posting your comments and feedback on the prompt. These posts exist mainly to share what the prompt is.

DON'T post about what you plan to do for the prompt.

DON'T post things that are unrelated to the main round prompt in question.

Round Entry Posts
DO post comments! Everyone loves getting feedback on their hard work.

FEEL FREE to offer criticism, as long as it's framed constructively and isn't just "this sucks" or "would have been better with pairing XYZ."

You don't have to comment on every post you read/view, but as said before, everyone loves getting feedback.

Bonus Round Prompts
DO post prompts and fills on these posts.

DO comment on other fills!

DO NOT post questions or comments about the prompt itself.

While we're on the subject of commenting, this seems like a good place to mention a very specific comment we'll want you to make! When you submit your application to join, you will be asked to fill in a text block to make sure that you have read this post. In that space, please post:

I certify that I have read and will abide by the Rules and Regulations of the ASG.

Please copy and paste this phrase directly.

Info Post

Dec. 1st, 2013 10:53 am
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Much of this is ripped from the HSO ( and the HSWC ( Pretty much the entire format of this competition and a lot of the wording seen here is not our intellectual property.

ASG is a prompt-based shipping competition for the characters of Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Our goal is to promote the creation of new fanworks, expose people to exciting new ships, and to have a lot of fun! We’re not about creating drama, proving that one ship is ‘better’ than another, or making people feel angry or upset.

Members will form teams around their favorite ship in MCU and create new fanworks based on prompts. Everything from fanfiction to fanart, fanmixes to gifs/graphics is welcome, so long as it fits the prompt and is created new for the challenge.

Remember, though, that this is supposed to be about FUN! No one is expecting or requiring you to spend every waking moment ensuring that this thing or that thing is absolutely perfect. Do your best, chill with some sweet bros, make some new friends, or just lurk! The most important thing is to have fun; the points system is in place more as a motivator than as any assessment of worth or talent.

December 1: Sign Ups Open; BR0 Opens
January 5: Team Roster Goes Up; BR1 Opens; Team Switching Period Begins
January 12: Team Switching Period Ends; MR1 Prompt Goes Up
January 19: BR2 Opens
February 2: MR1 Deadline; MR1 Voting Opens; MR2 Prompt Goes Up; BR3 Opens
February 16: BR4 Opens
March 2: MR2 Deadline; MR1 Voting Closes; MR2 Voting Opens; MR3 Prompt Goes Up; BR5 Opens
March 16: BR5 Opens
March 30: MR3 Deadline; MR2 Voting Closes; MR3 Voting Opens; Collab Round Prompt Goes Up; BR6 Opens
April 13: BR6 Opens
April 27: Collab Round Deadline; MR3 Voting Closes; Collab Round Voting Opens; BR7 Opens
May 25: Collab Round Voting Closes; BR7 Closes
June 1: Winners Are Announced
NOTE: Schedule is subject to minor changes as RL things come up if we cannot get enough mods to ensure that someone will always be able to get things posted.

There will be three main rounds. This is how they’ll go:
Prompts released! Excitement abounds!

Team members flex their creativity and create awesome content based on the prompt.

The teams decide which entry they want to represent them.

The Sire submits the chosen entry to the round’s community.

The round’s community is opened to the public, and everyone gets to enjoy the delicious new content!

Everyone votes on their favorite submissions!

The results are posted, points are awarded, and the whole mess starts all over again!

All submissions must be created new for the challenge. They will be posted in the order that they are received. Late submissions are allowed, but we can’t guarantee that they will be posted in a timely matter or that everyone will see them. There is no points penalty for a late submission.

No fan-created content is allowed that has not been made by members of your team specifically in response to the prompt. Mainstream creative content is fine (e.g. popular music, well-known art pieces, etc), but not fanart, fan music, etc. This is largely to ensure that the original content in your entry is clearly identifiable as distinct from the borrowed content.

If you are submitting photos of things, please try to make sure they are decently clear/well-lit! We will not be doing image/color correction for you, and it will not be our fault if people can't make out what your submission is. Also, we suggest but do not require that you submit 3-5 photos of whatever it is from different angles, just so we can get a better look at it!

Please remember not to post your ASG creations publicly (ie on tumblr, AO3, etc.) until voting ends, whether or not they are chosen as part of the team submission. We would like to keep things as anonymous as possible!

It wouldn’t do to have some entries be ludicrously short and others be impossibly long! Thus, the ASG is implementing these length restrictions on entries:

Writing: 1K-3.5K words, penalties will be applied after 4K words
Combination Writing/Art may have no more than 5 images.
Other Image-based entries (including comics and gifs): 15 panels/images, no more than 1K words
Video: 3:30 max runtime, penalties will be applied after the 4 minute mark (This applies for both animated and live-action video)
Original Music: 3:30 max runtime, penalties will be applied after the 4 minute mark

Penalties for going over are as follows:
Writing: Up to 4000: no penalty
4001-4150: -20
4151-4300: -40
4301-4450: -60
Music/Video: up to 2 minutes: no penalty
4:15: -20
4:30: -40
4:45: -60
Images: 20 points will be deducted for every image over the limit. This applies to all image-based limits (mixed media, comics, games, etc.)

The final round of ASG is the collaborative round! Ideally, this means that every member of the team contributes in some way to the final product. This could be by brainstorming, organizing or creating content. We realize, however, that people have lives outside of fandom, so you aren’t required to take part.

Do note that there are no requirements or limitations on this round! Your team’s collab round entry can be as long or as short as you all chose, but keep in mind that you only have so long to make it. Plan accordingly, and make sure you don’t overshoot.

If all goes well, the Collaborative Round should be an extravaganza of togetherness and creativity.

Bonus rounds are there for MAXIMUM FUN! Like sweet candy in between meals, bonus rounds are short, more direct challenges in which teams get to take a break from longer, focused works to earn extra points by creating stuff for other ships. Anyone can participate as long as they’re on a team.

Every two weeks, a new bonus round will open. Each bonus round will have its own main prompt, which will be explained in the post for the bonus round, but most bonus rounds will follow the same basic form:
Members can submit prompts as comments to the bonus round post. These prompts consist of something relating to our bonus round challenge plus a single ship.

Then, other members come along and fill those prompts. You can fill as many or as few prompts as you like until the two weeks are up! Every prompt can also have multiple fills, as long as each fill is created by a different person (a specific person can only fill each prompt once).

For most bonus rounds, you will not be allowed to offer or fill prompts for your own team. This is because we want you to push your boundaries and foster an appreciation for the ships of other teams.

Points for fills will be assigned to the team that posted them. If you are on team Steve/Tony and you do a fill for Natasha/Clint, team Steve/Tony is the one who will receive the points.

Bonus round scoring is detailed further down this post. Bonus round fills have no limits, but we’ll be able to tell and WILL TAKE ACTION if you start spamming for points.

Teams for the Avengers Shipping Games consist of at least four people and no more than ten. Your team is your family! You will learn and laugh and grow together. Aside from pitching in on the collab round if they can, each team member signs up for one round in which they must submit something to their Director. Team members may submit as many things as they like in as many rounds as they like, however YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE SUBMISSION ENTERED FOR YOUR ASSIGNED ROUND.

A team’s Director is responsible for:
Creating/maintaining the team community account

Submitting the entry for each round

Organizing the collaborative round

Maintaining order and peace within the team (to a reasonable extent!)

Checking in with the mods when asked

Contacting the mods if the team has any questions or issues

Director status is bestowed on a first-come-first-serve basis. We will be contacting Directors on May 27, a few days before rosters are announced, in order to confirm their sireship and to give them time to prepare. Once directorship has been definitively confirmed, each Director should create their team's comm and contact the mods at with their DW username, their team's ship, and the name of the community they just created so that we can add it to the team roster post and the team list.

This is the way that points will be allotted!

Main Rounds

1st: 1500
2nd: 1380
3rd: 1260
4th: 1140
5th: 1020
6th: 900
7th: 720
8th: 540
9th: 360
10th: 180

Collaborative Round

1st: 2250
2nd: 2070
3rd: 1890
4th: 1710
5th: 1530
6th: 1350
7th: 1080
8th: 810
9th: 540
10th: 270

Every team that submits an entry to a main or collaborative round will receive 180 points automatically! The above placement points are above and beyond that 180-point award.

Team members will also receive 15 points for voting.

Bonus Rounds (unless otherwise stated)

First 5 prompts by your team: 5 points each
Prompts 6-10 by your team: 3 points each
Prompts 11-15 by your team: 1 point each
Prompts 16+: 0 points

First 5 fills by your team in each round: 30 points each
Fills 6-10 by your team in each round: 20 points each
Fills 11-15 by your team in each round: 10 points each
Fills 16+ by your team in each round: 5 points each

We’d love to hear from you! Feedback is awesome! Feel free to contact the mods at at any time.


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